If you are thinking about having a full Magi Card Reading, please request a consultation first (no cost) so that we can have our pre-Reading discussion. I do it this way because I don’t want you to pay for the reading until we have confirmed it and officially set a date.

If we have already discussed this (in person, etc) and you know for sure that you want to proceed, you can skip the consultation and go straight to ordering the Magi Card Reading. (Please mention in the order notes where we met/chatted.)

The purpose of this consultation is not only to confirm that this is indeed what you want, but also to gather some information to aid in preparation for the Reading. I will ask you a few questions and give you a short homework assignment. 🙂 It should be no more than a 15-minute phone call.

I may start with text in order to set up the consultation phone call. If it is a land line or you cannot receive texts, please state that here.
This is to request an initial consultation, not the Reading itself. You understand that this consultation is no charge, and should be around a 15-minute phone call to determine if you’d like to move forward with purchasing a Complete Magi Card Reading.