Complete Magi Card Reading *Requires Consult*

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You may know your Birth Card, and you may even know your Planetary Ruling Cards…but do you know all of your Life Cards?

There are a host of cards that you were brought into this lifetime with, in addition to your Birth Card. A specific pathway of influences that winds through the ups and downs of your life…and one of those cards might hold an answer to a question you’ve had about yourself for a while.

The Complete Magi Card Reading will reveal this major list of cards to you, and what positions they fall in throughout your lifetime. The reading will be delivered via a live video call that should last about an hour to an hour and a half.

In this live call, we will take a deeper look at your Birth Card and/or Ruling Cards and the Karma Cards* associated with them, as well as some lifetime Planetary Period cards that might stand out for you.

We will look at your current year’s cards plus (time permitting) a year or two ahead to see what influences might be present and upcoming for you.

There is a lot of prep work for this meeting, so we will have communication beforehand to determine what area of your life you’d like to look at more closely. You will be able to ask questions during the reading — though I recommend holding questions until the end if you can help it, because there is typically a lot of information to cover! I can see cards that tend to relate to money, relationships, health, etc…and sometimes the cards might reflect specific individuals, so it can be helpful if you make a list of the Birth Cards of those individuals who impact you the most.

This is NOT a Tarot card reading, and there is no shuffling of a deck or “pulling” of any cards in this reading. The Life Cards are those that you were born with and that stay with you throughout your lifetime, and the Yearly Cards for each age of your life are mathematically derived based on the Quadration of the deck. They are not random.

Whether you are operating from the high side or the low side of any card will play a role in how you are experiencing the influences at a given time. This reading may help you determine where you might like to make some changes in your life or your perspective; HOWEVER, if you are not ready to take a deeper look at yourself, then it will be better to wait until a future time for the Complete Magi Card Reading. I want the value to be there for you.



Request a consultation here. There is no charge for the consultation, it is just a quick chat that will help us determine if this is reading is what you are looking for. I would prefer that you not pay for the reading until we have confirmed and booked a time and date for the full reading,  which can be a couple of weeks out or more from our initial consultation, depending upon both of our availabilities.


If you are intrigued by the cards and want to move forward but are not ready for the complete reading, check out the Personal Yearly Report.



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