Find Money Report (5 years)

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Do you have any of the typical “money” cards showing up for you in the next few years? This report from Robert Lee Camp’s Book of Destiny system can help you find them.


This report specifically searches for cards that tend to indicate greater influences for receiving money. It will search within each of your primary cards (Birth Card, plus Planetary Rulers if you have them).

In cases where your Planetary Ruling Card is the same as your Birth Card (always Leo; potentially other signs as well, depending on the degree of the sign), the cards will appear to repeat. This is not a mistake — it is repeating because it is the same card . . . so the influence may even be more powerful.

Like the Find Success Report, this report will be run for 5 years from the closest birth date. (If you are more than a few months into your current year, then you might want to skip to the next year, but that is up to you.)

The report includes basic instructions on how to understand it, as well as when each card falls on the timeline, and a short explanation for the card’s position (listed by date).

To view a sample Find Money Report, click HERE.

THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF MONEY COMING IN. It is simply showing when the potential might be greater, but nothing happens without your own action. If you take the steps to take advantage of the influences when they occur, you may experience enhanced results. This can also be impacted by level of ability to receive, and if you have existing channels for money to flow to you. (Please read the instructions in the report.)

It is also important to note that not every year has great “money cards.” That is part of why this report is run for 5 years, to expand the potential of finding these cards. It can also help for planning ahead and setting some goals.


Please enter the following information in the “Order Notes” field upon checkout, for each report you order. Report(s) will be delayed if it is incomplete.

  • NAME as you’d like it to appear on the report. First name or nick name is OK.
  • FULL DATE OF BIRTH* (Correct month, day, and year.)
    *If the birthday falls on a cusp, I will run a natal chart to determine the sun sign and will contact you for the time and place of birth. Or if you are already certain of the sign, just include it.
  • MALE or FEMALE. It doesn’t actually matter for this report, but I cannot leave it blank in the system.
  • YEAR to START. It starts on the birthday for the person named in the report. If you’d like it to start on a certain year (to run 5 years), indicate the year, or I will select the one that makes the most sense to me.

You can mix-and-match reports and people (e.g. 1 Find Money report for 2 people; Find Money + Find Success Report for the same person), just make sure I have all of the information if purchasing for multiple people.

Report #1: Jenny, 7/21/1961, Female, Leo; Start 2022
Report #2: Porter, 3/27/1987, Male; Start 2023

A link to the report will be sent by default to the email address used to check out.

Please allow up to 48 hours once I receive notice of your order to get it prepared and emailed out to you. If you do not receive an email within 48 hours, or if you have any questions, please contact and put DESTINY REPORT in the subject line.

  • Order a report for whomever you’d like. You will be emailed a link to the report that you can easily forward to anyone. The link will be to a PDF that can be downloaded. Please be sure to download the PDF, as the link will eventually expire.
  • Discount for volume!

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Happy planning!



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