Spiritual Spread + Life Spread Grand Solar Spreads Poster (PNG Download)


Yes, you can hand make your own Grand Solar Spreads using decks of cards, which is fun in its own right and adds a special layer…but if arts and crafts are not your “strong suit” (heh), then here is another option for getting a poster made.


This high-res PNG is the same image from the Grand Solar Spreads page but with no shadow, no border, and without the watermark at the bottom center.

It is 36″ x 24″ at 300dpi, so it would work great for a standard poster of that size or scaled down to 18″ x 12″ without having to mat the edges to fit another ratio.

You may put it on your own web page for informational purposes but please do not sell or redistribute the file, thank you.
If you post it on your page, scale it down to 20% or lower, and protect it from downloads.

If you are unable to download your file, or if you need to re-download after the limit (1), please forward your email confirmation to orders@52emblems.com to request additional download.



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