When people say “the cards we are dealt”, I believe this system is the truest source of that statement — because we are indeed dealt a hand of cards when we come into this life, and the influences are there for us to learn from and navigate our way through as we go, subject to our own personal outlook, attitude, and circumstances.

Spiritual Spread

The Spiritual Spread (sometimes called Natural, Perfect, or Soul Spread) is the original, divine order of the cards. From Hearts through Spades, it is the order of the seasons on our earthly calendar. (Hearts represent Spring; Clubs: Summer; Diamonds: Fall; Spades: Winter.) It is also the natural order of the “seasons” of the typical cycle of human life, from birth/childhood through old age/death. I like to say that the Spiritual Spread is God’s original plan before man came in and *ahem* shuffled it all up.

Life Spread

The Life Spread (sometimes called Mundane, Material, or Duality Spread) is man’s thumbprint on God’s creation. It is the result of our separation from the Divine Source and reflects the actuality of life here on Earth. The Life Spread is the same spread as “Age 0”, the first year of our life from birth up until our first birthday. It is considered the most important of all of the Grand Solar Spreads because it is the one that indicates our Birth Card and the lifetime influences present for it. It is also the basis for each subsequent year of our life, as the spread is mathematically “re-shuffled” for us each year on our birthday to include a new set of influences in addition to those we are born with. When our Birth Card moves* each year to the position of another card, it is as though we are seeing life through the eyes of that card and experiencing some of the influences they do, in addition to our own.

*There is a special family of 7 cards that either do not move at all, or that switch places with each other every year. These Fixed and Semi-Fixed cards are K♠️, J♥️, 8♣️, A♣️/2♥️, and 7♦️/9♥️. Those individuals who have these Birth Cards also tend to be quite fixed in their personalities and outlooks. The remaining 45 cards move about the spread every year.

It may appear that the cards are randomly arranged in the Life Spread, but that is not the case. In fact, the deck is mathematically re-organized by a process called Quadration, which is repeated every year to obtain the next Spread. This is where the information comes from for each of the Yearly Reports generated in Robert Lee Camp’s Destiny software, and it is the basis for readings done using this system. It is not the same as having a reader shuffle a deck by hand and laying the cards on the table in a spread of their choice (or having you cut the deck and pull a card) and interpreting the meanings of each randomly dealt card. Rather, this process is part of why it’s considered a mathematically-based system. In the Science of the Cards, intuition is only part of it. It goes deep.

Notice that the Joker is not represented in these spreads as a card. The Joker is in a class all its own…. Read a little about the Joker here.